Create Marketing Ideas In Business?

But why do we need this ?

Perhaps the best way too describe it, is that, it’s a conversion or sales funnel.

It is the path a prospect takes through your website which ultimately results in a conversion or not?

A conversion in this context refers to an action a visitor takes whilst browsing your website. This could be signing-up to your newsletter, downloading a whitepaper, buying your products, filling out a form or even simply sharing your content.
Potential converts ask a lot of questions when they are deciding whether to click on your link or visit your page. Many businesses make the mistake of trying to appease every audience, this makes it difficult to develop a strong conversion funnel.

What should we do?

The best practice is to help users find the right page. Make your desired pathway abundantly clear and incentivise users to follow it.
Always ask yourself the following questions:
1.What is the purpose of this page?
2. Why does it exist?
3. Why should visitors click here?
4. How does this page help the visitor find a solution to their problem?

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